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Make Safety Precautions in your own Backyard

We always try to keep things in and around the house as safe as possible, and I would like to share just a few good ideas to keep in mind for your backyard get togethers this summer.

Checking the deck–Inspect your decks and patios to insure that it is secure to your home by heavy duty steel bolts that are designed specifically for wooden structures.  Nails and screws allow it to possible pull from the house.

Organizing–Always make sure that toys, tools, furniture and even lawn equipment is put away in its proper place. Not doing so could allow for and accident to you, or the equipment.  This also makes a great appearance for your backyard

Look at the play area–The swingset and other playground equipment should always have plenty of shock absorbing materials ( woodchips or sand) underneath them.  The more shock absorbent, a greater chance of a non-serious injury.  As these items may deplete, replenish.

These are just a few ideas to practicing safety at home for you. Now, go enjoy your summer and plan your next cookout!!!


Authored by: Lee Gosselin

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