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They Are Asking For What?? Are They Crazy?

So, you have arrived at the point in the process of getting your home under contract. Congratulations! You are well on your way to getting your house sold, and you have already mentall moved out, and up to your eyeballs in moving preparations.


This is typically a nervous time for the parties involved, because anything can pop up on the inspection.  It is always recommended that a purchaser performs a home inspector by a licensed home inspection company.

The duties of the home inspector is to provide information on the “guts” of the house. As depicted in the picture above, these areas include, but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, appliances, roofing, siding, decks, and the list can go on.

Upon completion of this inspection, this report is provided to the purchaser for their review to determine what they may want to ask the seller to take care of prior to selling the house.


Now, you get the list from the purchasers and you are wondering what are they thinking asking for all of this?  Well, they have the right to ask for items to be repaired or even a dollar amount off the price in lieu of making actual repairs.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  They obviously love your home because they made an offer, and then they are given a list of recommended items that could need attention. With this being said, take this time to make it work. I have worked with some sellers who refused to do anything whatsoever, and the list included a few minor, but important issues.  When you refuse to “make it work” you are putting the buyers in a position to simply walk away from everything and move on to another home.   Ready to wait for another buyer yet?

With working with a buyer, I always recommend that we only focus on important issues, and NOT nickel and dime a seller crazy, so dont ask for light bulbs to tightened, or anything else that could be done in a couple of minutes for $10.00

Sometimes, a buyer thinks they can ask for everything, and this only deters a seller from focusing on important issues, and could tie their cost up from doing a top notch job on everything. Dont put a bad taste in the seller’s home that your are purchasing, as it could backfire and put everyone in a situation you can recover from

As part of The Lee Gosselin Real Estate strategy, we offer our seller’s a Pre-Inspection Plan For Home-Sellers. There are many great benefits to this, but most importantly knowledge of your own home, and the chance to take care of most items before your purchaser has a home inspection to make the process as streamlined and as stress free as possible!!

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