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That Is Not Coming With The House?

Sellers, this one is for you!!

The magical day has arrived, and you now that long awaited day of being the newest home on the market and MLS has arrived, so congratulations!

You and your agent spent time going through the house to get it picture perfect, and show ready. You have done all the things you learned from watching HGTV every Saturday, and feel like your home is a model home and will not have a problem selling, and most importantly, you are ready to make a deal happen.

Although you have it showing like a dream, and ready to make a deal happen, you have made it very clear to your agent that certain things will not convey ( or remain) in the house.  You have given him/her a list a page long to include the chandelier, ceiling fans, blinds, the water faucet, the bookshelves, and anything else that was not nailed down to your walls and floors, no matter

WAIT A MINUTE????  I thought you were ready to make a deal happen?

As a seller, you will need to consider what is worth taking vs. what it takes to keep a deal alive.  Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and walk into your home with “fresh” eyes, and imagine all the nice extras that make your home stand out.  Now visualize your home with your page long list of items that you have made very clear under no circumstances will stay in the house.  What makes your house special now?

In this business, not only does your agent do a detailed job of getting your house sold, they should also be your Real Estate Consultant also. That sometimes means to consult you on your choices and how it can or cannot affect you getting to the other magic day of getting under contract.  Sometimes this may also mean telling you things you may not exactly like, but if your agent agrees with you 1000% of the time, they are not doing you any favors.

When I experience homeowners that wish not to convery certain items, I will always tell them all the same thing.  REMOVE IT NOW!!!!

Remove and/or get out of sight what you are going to take or not leave in the house.  You do NOW want someone falling in love with your house, writing an offer, and then only having your counter offer come back with everything except the kitchen sink going.

A buyer cannot ask for something they cannot see or saw in a home.  It will make your life, ( and your agent’s life) so much easier if you follow this thought.  For example, you have your grandmother’s chandelier that has been in the family for years in your dining room. You know it is beautiful and so will everyone else that walks through the door. It has been noted to your agent it is not staying.


Make them fall in love with your home, but not necessarily YOUR possessions!

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