Property Management

Property Management is Not a Do It Yourself Job

Landlords, WHY, oh WHY, are you trying to do it yourselves?

I just need to wonder why a Landlord decides to manage his/her own rental property themselves.  Having your investment under professional property management is a sure-fire way to ensure that every property is being managed the same in reference to tenant screening, rent collection/processing, evictions, and much more.

The Lee Gosselin Property Management division offers a customized plan to each of our Landlord clients as we don’t believe in one size fits all when it comes to your investment.  Our services include everything from advertising and marketing the property, monthly rent collection and direct deposit right into our owner’s account, all the way to court proceedings if need be.

When it comes to a rental property, and handling tenants, time is of the essence.  Now days, Landlords are not necessarily full-time landlords but have jobs, family, time restraints, and may not be able to handle them in a timely fashion.  With a full service property management team in place, most owners truly feel that any management fee is worth the time they pay.

Before any Landlord decides to take this on, contact one of our experienced property manager’s to consider all of your options.


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