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Trending Floor Options to Spice Up Your Living Space

Wood, carpet and linoleum aren’t the only options available when looking to renovate, replace or upgrade your home’s flooring. They may be a few of the most common choices people go for when it comes to flooring, but there are so many new and trendy options out there that can completely change up the look of your living space.
Perhaps two of the most popular trends in flooring right now are stained concrete and cork materials. How can you implement these to make a unique and exciting change? Here are some ideas:
Stained Concrete
  • Stained concrete can be done in so many different colors and patterns that the possibilities are endless. Concrete flooring is durable, which prevents scratching and fading over time. The initial installation of the concrete flooring runs about $17 dollars per sq. ft. including the decorative finishing, but in the long run you will end up saving money because the flooring will very rarely need to be replaced.  You can choose any decorative pattern and style for the flooring to match your home, allowing for plenty of creative freedom.
  • Concrete flooring will also help you save on your energy bills. During the cold winter months, the concrete flooring will soak up the heat from the sun to keep your home warm. In the summer, your home will be cooler as well. Having concrete flooring will also help the environment, because most homes already have a concrete subfloor, so all you need to do is rip up the flooring you currently have. No new materials are needed, so there is zero carbon foot printing, and concrete can also be recycled.
  • Another  new trend in flooring is cork. The soft feel of the cork flooring is attractive to people who have children or are elderly, because of safety reasons. The cushion the cork offers helps prevent accidents when someone trips or falls. The inside of cork is made of tiny air- filled chambers that act as barriers against noise, insulating any room with cork flooring. This keeps noise from traveling from room to room through the floors and ceilings.
  • Like concrete flooring, cork flooring can help you save money on heating and cooling your home. The tiny air-filled chambers in cork help keep out unwanted heat in the summer and helps keep the heat in the winter. This will help you cut costs on both heating and cooling bills.
  • You can give cork flooring a refresher every few years because you are able to refinish the surface material periodically. Cork flooring is also hypoallergenic and repels dust, hair and other particles and is easy to clean. Cork also repels insects and small vermin because it contains a waxy substance called suberin.
  • Cork is natural and replenishable material made from the bark of the Cork Oak, which is harvested without cutting down any trees. It is biodegradable and a healthy flooring option for the environment.

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