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Bedroom Upgrades: How to Decide Between Hardwood and Carpet for Your Bedrooms


The floor of your bedroom is important – it’s the first thing you touch in the morning, and the last before you go to sleep. Not to mention all the other life moments that go on in there. So take time to consider what you want your bedroom floor to be made of – and read on for pros and cons of carpeting and hardwood floors.

The Noise Factor

One of the biggest elements to consider is how sound will carry. Carpet is a very quiet medium, perfect for those bedrooms on higher floors, or in houses that want to keep a quiet profile. Hardwood creaks, and all movements can be heard – from walking to a child playing, even to the acoustics of a TV or laptop.

Keeping It Clean

Carpets are hard to keep clean. Dirt, pollen, hair, food and other particles get ground into the fabric, especially if it’s a high-traffic area, and it can be expensive to get them out. Hardwood is easy to tidy – and even stains can be refinished without too much cost or effort. On the other hand, carpets need only be vacuumed weekly, whereas a hardwood floor should be swept every other day.

The Life Span Of Your Floor

With careful maintenance, carpets can last for many years – but barring anything unforeseen, hardwood floors last forever. They also never go out of style, and offer their rooms a sense of prestige. Carpets need replacing and the patterns can’t be changed with the ease that hardwood floors can be refinished or refurbished with area rugs.

The Cost Of It All

In initial costs, carpets are largely cheaper, although they cost more to maintain because they need to be replaced more often. Hardwood floors take a big initial payment, but because they are more durable the costs even out, in the end. Environmentally speaking, hardwood is often more sustainable (as long as it comes from an ecologically-sensitive company), but there are recycled options for carpeting too.

What Goes On In There

Consider what kind of life will be lived in the bedroom in question. Will it be a kid’s room, where the padding of carpet might be safer? Is it meant for guests, where the beauty of hardwood could make a strong first impression? Does the occupant have allergies, so that hardwood (which doesn’t gather allergens like carpet fabric) is a better choice?

Consider everything when making your decision. Remember, in the end, both hardwood and carpet have pros and cons. For a second opinion, or advice on what works in your neighborhood, talk to your local real estate agent.

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