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Claim and No Claim Benefit

When was the last time you received a benefit for not using a product or service?


With HMS Home Warranty Coverage, there is a benefit for first year home buyers who don’t file a claim during the first nine months of their contract.


This “Claim-No-Claim” feature reimburses a first year buyer for an HVAC maintenance visit worth up to $100 if he or she has not filed a home warranty claim by the end of month nine of the contract term. This is a great way to get additional value out of their warranty coverage if they were lucky enough to not have a system or appliance failure during the first nine months.


Not only that, but the home maintenance visit through Claim-No-Claim may also identify potential problems, allowing homeowners to make needed repairs before a costly issues arises.



df Amy Holloway  HMS Account Executive  757.472.5602

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