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The Tech Estate: 4 High Tech Startups That Are Improving the Real Estate Experience

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 The real estate process may be full of manual procedures, like finding the right lender and submitting all the financial paperwork, but progress is being made in the market. Whether you’re getting prepared to sell or are planning on buying a home in the near future, here are some technology startups that may be able to simplify your home purchase.

Making It Real With Matterport

Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Matterport is allowing interested homebuyers to view a home via 3D camera to determine if it is the right option for them. As founder Matt Bell says of many homebuyers, “Sometimes, they’re not able to visit the property in person, or if a couple is buying the property and only one person can fly out, the other can experience it remotely in VR and get a sense of what it’s like to really be in the space.”

Finding A Home With Agent Ace

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing a home can be finding the right agent, but Agent Ace is the ideal company to connect you with the experienced professional you’re looking for. By using technology, Agent Ace taps into available web data to help buyers find the best, most experienced agent for their needs so that they can be sure to make the right choice. Founded in 2010, Agent Ace is available in more than 75 cities throughout the United States.

Acquiring A Loan With AssetAvenue

AssetAvenue was founded in California in 2013 and simplifies the loan process for many interested homebuyers. Finding the right lender can be one of the most stressful aspects of the mortgage process, but by partnering with loan providers who provide approval in just a few days, AssetAvenue has made the process more streamlined and speedier.

Neighborhood Know-How With Nestigator

Whether you’re moving to a new city entirely or just relocating to a different neighborhood, learning about a community can require a lot of research. Fortunately, Nestigator was founded in 2014 and provides an ideal platform that will help homebuyers find their ideal neighborhood. Instead of having to do all the heavy lifting, you can let Nestigator compile the data for you!


The process of buying a home can involve a lot of details, but many tech startups are offering solutions for finding the right neighborhood and an experienced agent. If you’re currently on the market for a home, you may want to contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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