About Us

The WILSON Group

LOGO TWG FINALThe Wilson Group specializes in advising clients in their buying, selling, rental, investment properties and property management needs in Central Virginia, Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.  Helping our clients achieve their real estate goals, and a successful investment, is our number one priority.

If you are researching your real estate investment options or would like to have a free consultation with The Wilson Group, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and earn your business.   Call 1888-706-0170 or email team@TWGRealEstate.com; we look forward to hearing from you!

The WILSON Group Mission – Real Estate FOCUSED on You!

F:  The WILSON Group Framework was Founded with one core Focal point, “Real Estate Focused on You!” We honor our Fiduciary duties, provide Flexible services and succeed in Fulfilling your Financial goals in Real Estate.

O:  Our Optimized internal systems combined with proven success strategies and Outside of the box thinking creates Opportunity and delivers Orchestrated results.

C:  We feel that Cultivating a Client-Centric Company means changing our role from Sales Agents to Consultants. Doing so positions You, and Your best interests, in the drivers seat at all times and creates a Collaborative effort on every level.

U:  Unlocking the traditional business model creates the space to see and meet every clients Unique individual needs. TWG is truly all about You and the way You do business!

S:  Superior Service is only a milestone in our daily efforts; our full-Service Support team works tirelessly to implement your individualized and Strategically designed Service plan in order to Secure results and Safe-Guard your investment.

E:  TWG Ensures client satisfaction by using the latest Emerging technology, mastering our skill-set through continuing Education, Expanding our Exclusive network and by Empowering our clients to Enrich their lives through real estate investments.

D:  Designed to Develop and Deliver unconventional methods for today’s unconventional Buyers, Sellers & Investors. Discover the Difference, Real Estate Focused on You!


Meet Reed Wilson

bus pic - edited and cropped

Reed Wilson, Principle Broker and Owner of The Wilson Group and his full-time team strives for excellence.  His collective experience in sales, business management and real estate has enabled him to design a winning business model that provides our clients with a variety of tools, leading technology and success driven solutions that exceeds expectations.  Reed has devoted over 12 years to developing strong relationships in the area and a network of resources that every Wilson Group client benefits from.  We also think that the 10 years he spent mastering the martial art of Karate, contributes a confidence, discipline and patience to how we do business.

We take the approach of being Real Estate Investment Advisers to our clients; we measure our success by the success of your Real Estate investment.  We enjoy working closely with clients and thrive on assisting them to find that next “great deal” or their dream home, at the price and terms they dictate.  We also offer our investor clients a FREE List of Foreclosures, which will help strengthen their buying power.

As a resident of Richmond and the Fan District area for over 10 years, Reed appreciates everything this amazing area has to offer.  As a reported “Foodie”, he especially enjoys the areas vast variety of locally owned restaurants.  Often Reed can be found at the areas local festivals, and most enjoys those that also cater to his eclectic music tastes.  And when he’s not working or breathing in our local culture, Reed enjoys spending time with his Golden Retriever puppy, volunteering with the Red Cross and SPCA and traveling the globe.  He is always looking for that next great vacation spot and his favorite travel destinations to date have been Italy, Dominican Republic, Belize, and the Caribbean.

The Wilson Group
1805 Monument Ave, Suite 314
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Office/eFax: 1888-706-0170
Email: Team@TWGRealEstate.com
Website: http://www.TWGRealEstate.com



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