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Buying a Home in a Fire Risk Area: Here’s What You Need to Know

Outside of the significant financial responsibility of delving into home ownership, there can also be a lot of other risks involved that you may not have thought about as a new homeowner. While the requirement of homeowner’s insurance is well known and guarding your house against theft can be commonplace, if you happen to be… Continue reading Buying a Home in a Fire Risk Area: Here’s What You Need to Know

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The 2017 FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Cut is On Hold: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced that the FHA mortgage insurance premium cut has been put on hold for the time being. However, many potential homebuyers do not know what this indefinite suspension means for their mortgage or their financial well-being down the road. Whether you’re on the market or are going… Continue reading The 2017 FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Cut is On Hold: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Additional Home Warranty Protection

How can homeowners add additional Home Warranty protection to their policy? The answer is the premier upgrade package. While home warranty covers a wide range of mechanical failures in a home, there are items and conditions that are not covered in any home warranty. For example, electrical and plumbing modifications, code upgrades and disposal of… Continue reading Additional Home Warranty Protection

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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Storm season’s just around the corner, and that means an increased chance of hurricanes heading up the coast. Don’t get caught off guard–following a few simple hurricane preparation tips from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and Nationwide can help protect your home from high-speed winds, hail, driven rain and flying debris. Take… Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness Tips

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5 Tips for Staging Your Home on a Budget

From our friend Pearl Rankin with Nationwide Insurance First impressions are everything, whether you’re viewing a house, test-driving a car or meeting your daughter’s prom date. That’s why an entire industry has developed around staging homes to help them sell. Home staging simply means making a house look its best, and can include anything from… Continue reading 5 Tips for Staging Your Home on a Budget

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Dogs & Homeowners Insurance: What you Need to Know

Is Your Canine a Good Citizen? Dog is man’s best friend and many of us are willing to do anything for our pets. Did you know that the breed of your dog can affect your homeowner’s insurance and your eligibility for it? Because of costly lawsuits for specific breeds companies have adopted lists of dogs… Continue reading Dogs & Homeowners Insurance: What you Need to Know

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Security Systems and Homeowners Insurance

Expert Advice from our friend Pearl Rankin, Nationwide A home burglary occurs approximately every 15 seconds in the United States. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program estimates that property crimes in 2015 resulted in $14.3 billion in losses. There were a total of 7,993,631 property crimes in the nation for 2015; of those crimes nearly… Continue reading Security Systems and Homeowners Insurance